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Feast your eyes and be amazed at Project S.L.A.G.A.R.'s extensive selection of Redwall-themed games! If you're looking for the site's Javascript games, I'm afraid you'll find there's been a slight... accident. Actually I just removed them all because the majority of them were just taken from Javascript hubs and tinkered with just enough to make them look Redwall-rellated. Those were lame anyways! If you've got a Windows PC, you should check out the downloadable games offered here for your enjoyment such as the Vermin Invaders and Haunted Abbey series. If you've got an affinity for Redwall and an interest in computer games, you've come to the right place.

Downloadable Games
Vermin Invaders (DX)
The first true entry in the critically acclaimed Vermin Invaders series. Take up the bow and arrow to defend Redwall against hordes from the North in 20 levels, a "Time Attack" mode, and more.

Vermin Invaders 2
The long-awaited sequel to Vermin Invaders, and the title which gained the series its (slight) renown. Twice as many levels, a 2-player Versus Mode, new enemies, new bonus games, tons of unlockable secrets... JUST BRING IT.

The Haunted Abbey
A creepy Redwall-themed adventure game created for Halloween. And according to some, my best work to date. YOU decide!

The Haunted Abbey 2: The Cursed Village
An enormous paranormal adventure game and the prequel to the original Haunted Abbey game. Probably the most ambitious undertaking ever completed for this website.

Scout of Salamandastron
A game which calls for a blend of stealth, timing, and strategy. A far more polished product than my earlier Redwallian efforts.

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