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The Haunted Abbey 2
The Cursed Village

    I cannot pretend to know everything about Malazrael. I do not know just how old he is, or how he came to command the powers he has.
          - Rungtol, Recorder of Soilran Abbey

    Set seasons before the classic Halloween game The Haunted Abbey, The Cursed Village puts you in control of a fierce squirrel soldier, hunting down a fleeing legion of vermin to their target, the secluded, peaceful village of Slale Town... a village in which you find that the bodies of those slain somehow spring back as monstrous assailants. Your new mission becomes clear: to rescue any survivors that might be left in hiding, to discover the root of the curse that grips the village, and to make your way out in one piece.

    As you storm through mazes and mansions, fend off packs of the undead, page through detailed records of the village's history, engage in epic battles, and interact with the few living creatures left within the village's walls on the way to uncovering the secret of Slale Town's curse, your quest's path will intersect with an insidious conspiracy, an ancient vermin civilization, a malevolent otherworldly entity, and the history of Redwall Abbey itself. This complex and intriguing storyline, intricately connected with that of its predecessor and yet completely independent, is told through a seamless blend of compelling text-based exploration areas and dynamic, challenging gameplay-based action areas. With multiple paths, a fully functional save system, and a total of over 80 frames of content, The Cursed Village is unlike any fan game you have ever played before.

That being said, you will need Windows and an unzipping utility to play the game. Also, the game's installer works, but does not create a shortcut in your "Games" folder as you might expect.

WARNING: some violent and disturbing imagery is featured in this game
(as is fitting of a proper entry in the horror genre)
Not recommended for the young or faint of heart!

Download The Haunted Abbey 2 v1.2 (7.89 MB)

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