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An Unbiased Look at This Redwall Fan Internet Commune Thing

Redwall Information

The official Redwall website. Basically if you're looking for information about the series or its author, this is a good place to check out.

Redwall Wiki
It's a Redwall wikipedia (interactive encyclopedia)! It's really pretty well organized and extensive, as these minor wikipedias go. Great source of information about individual characters, places, and so on.

The Redwall Encyclopedia
The place where Mossflower Talk, an inspiration of Slagar the Cruel: Coast to Coast comes from. It also used to be the greatest Redwall information resource out there, though it has been somewhat overshadowed by the more active Redwall Wiki.

The Redwall Newsline
Occasionally this updates with news about the Redwall series. Claims to be the fastest responding Redwall news source or something, probably owing to the lack of any real competition. The news is displayed in an incredibly tiny column, so if you enjoy scrolling this is the site for you!

Nelvana's Redwall Site
The official website for the Redwall animated series. You think it would include links to where you can purchase the DVDs or PBS scheduling information. Not so! Just a terrible "interactive layout" and character profiles that contain enormous spoilers. Well, the Slagar one does, anyways, and that's the only one I bothered checking. For obvious reasons. There used to be a great site for the TV show at Redwall.tv, but I guess it's gone now? What a shame.

Redwall Fansites, Clubs, Etc.

Starfire's Redwall Abbey
This might be the best Redwall fansite ever created. Unfortunately, it was retired and now only exists in archive form on someone else's server. You'd best pay your respects, fools, because it still comes highly reccomended.

It's a magazine for a Redwall... on the internet! Amazing what they can do nowadays with computers. The publication has been struggling for a while to come up with things to write about, though they do a fairly good job with what they have. They're about as active as you're going to find in terms of Redwall forums, though. (Incidentally, I still despise them for coining the term "ROC", which in the long run I think led to the community's widespread delusions of grandeur.)

Servone's Fox Den
This isn't a Redwall site, but the e-novels it hosts should appeal to anyone who enjoys the Redwall series. Plus it's run by a pretty cool guy. I just wish he hadn't pulled the midi music, since it was an important component in the site's original presentation.

Mossflower Patrol
A very impressive Redwall club that's exceptionally well put together and offers a lot of things to do. It might be a bit too automated for the likes of me, but it's still one of the best Redwall sites out there, and I acknowledge that.

Project S.L.A.G.A.R.
Cast into cyberspace by a veritable internet god, this final bastion of Redwall-based entertainment is... wait, it's this site, isn't it? But of course. Hey, this bumps the number of websites that link PSLAGAR up to two!

The only good Redwall humor site ever. I mean, I guess I've done an okay job myself (surely I'm the most proliffic individual Redwall satirist on the entire interweb), but I don't consider PSLAGAR to be strictly a "humor site" so much as a collection of entertainment. Anyways, Lag's dead, but you can still get at the back issues.

ROC: Survivor!
The first multi-author Redwall story/contest. I actually participated in its original incarnation, which was great, much like the round after it. Unfortunately, the whole thing's kind of spun out of control and into obscurity, while the multifarious cheap knock-offs of the idea continue to proliferate.

Redwall Fanfiction Board
A board for Redwall fanfiction. Really, what else is there to say? Some of it's good, some of it isn't, I'm not going to sort through and make a verdict for you.

Redwall MUCK
Text-based realtime Redwall roleplay and all that entails.

The Long Patrol
The first fan-operated Redwall club ever! Which... you can't join, except during a "membership month", which only happens every couple of years. But hey, at least you can enjoy all the unrestricted original content on the site... except, it essentially never updates. So I guess the only reason to visit this site is the forums, which seem to harbor some cool people and discussions... although they are run with the same kind of cryptic exclusionism as the rest of the site, with an extra dash of condescension and underhandedness. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Golden Leaf Inn
The heir to the now-defunct official online Redwall club. Apparently it hasn't been updated in a couple years, so I'm not sure what's going on with it now.

Dibbuns Against Bedtime
This site, which was the inspiration for the DAB in Triss, is one of the last really active Redwall clubs left. Of course, it's targeted entirely towards the youngest fans of the series, but hey, they're kid's books, right? Nothing wrong with that.

SOS: Scum of Southsward
Just a simple old vermin club that I always include on my collection of Redwall links because their little "snake trap" thing amused me and kind of inspired the original HTML version of "The Haunted Abbey". Plus I think it's good for newcomers to online Redwall fandom to see exactly how horrible the sites of the "good old days" really were. If you have a problem with my decision,click here:

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