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The Haunted Abbey (DX)

The Haunted Abbey is a Halloween-themed adventure/action game, based on a feature from STCP's precursor, Foremole Dinny's Redwall Webpage. In this game, you control a lost mouse on a gloomy October night. You stumble across an ancient abbey... only to be trapped inside! You are forced to explore the deserted abbey, looking for a way out while facing ghostly threats, collecting items you can use to your advantage, and uncovering the dark story of how the abbey fell. In addition to wandering around the building much in the style of classic adventure games, there are also times when you must actually "pilot" the mouse in a way somewhat similar to action games such as the older Zelda games. Fans of the "Vermin Invaders" series, as well as fans of "online Haunted Houses", will probably enjoy this plot-driven, action-filled, overall fun little game.

For those of you who've downloaded/played this game before 10/29/04, try downloading it again for a greatly improved experience! Here's a list of some changes I've made:
  • The background graphics for EVERY SINGLE ACTION AREA have been improved.
  • One ENTIRELY NEW Action Area has been added - the Graveyard.
  • In conjunction with this new Area, a new "Room" has been added.
  • In conjunction with this new "Room", there is a slightly hidden upgrade you can recieve that will effect your behavior in Action Areas...
  • The last boss is harder.
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed.
  • Certain pieces of text have been altered for miscellaneous reasons, etc., you get the jist of the thing, right?
Download The Haunted Abbey DX!

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