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Vermin Invaders 2

Soon after the first downloadable Vermin Invaders game was released, people began to clamor for a sequel. One that was longer, and more difficult. Well, they'd have to wait an entire year, but after months of being asked, "when's VI2 coming out?", it was finally completed: Vermin Invaders 2.

This game is superior in every way to the original Vermin Invaders game (including the Deluxe Edition). In terms of sheer length, the games are quite seriously incomparable. A fair estimate would be that VI2 is five times as long as it's predecessor. Graphically, VI2 begins fairly similar to the original, but as the game progresses the graphics deviate greatly from what has been seen before. The gameplay is classic Vermin Invaders, although there are many new twists and tweaks (in terms of health and extra archers. Not to mention that, while the early levels will accomodate those new to the games, the difficulty in Vermin Invaders 2 will test even the toughest players. As for secrets... would it be any fun if I told you?

There are two all-new ways to play in this game: Bonus Games, in which you can experience old and new twists on the Vermin Invaders formula, and Versus Tower, where you can test your skill against a friend in a variety of areas from the Redwall series.

Overall, Vermin Invaders 2 is a fun and challenging downloadable Redwall-themed game.

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