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Scout of Salamandastron

Scout of Salamandastron is the first completely original game I've put out for this site in well over a year. In the game, you take control of a Long Patrol scout as Salamandastron is under siege. Your mission is to escape the war-torn beaches of Salamandastron, using stealth and weapons to maneuver through enemy lines without getting caught and slain - and to collect all the supplies and information you can along the way.

Each of the game's levels provides its own unique challenges, and because of the game's score system, which rewards thoroughness and speed, there are incentives to keep playing the game long after you've reached its ending. There's something for everyone: casual players can make it through the game level-to-level using the Password system, while more advanced players can test their skills further via complete playthroughs.

The game also includes a practice mode and in-depth instructions to better acclimate you to the gameplay. And as always, there's a secret or two waiting to be found...

Download Scout of Salamandastron!

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