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The Worst Redwall Fanfic Ever
Part 2

disclaiimer; this is a mineseries now becuase its going to have a bunch of really long parts so i'm not going to call them chapters becuz now their PARTS. KO? and everything in this fanfic is mine and if it looks simlar too something its a COOINCIDENSE!!!

Well then there was a guy named Kinspoon. he was king of the chipmunks who lived in the ocean. There trybe was called the spoonicula tribe of the osean. then then they wnet too Gartar and said "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr w'ere the chipmunks! we wnna take over redwall because long ago Abbot Songbreeze came to th bottom of teh osean and killed us but only one survived and he was carrying the egss which hatched into all of us (because everyone knows chipmunks hatch from eggs) and then we all got old but w e drank the magic potion of voldemorto and we live a lomg time so let us in your horde." Gartar let them in but he thouhgt up a brillant plan to kill the chimpmunk leader. I cant tell you it yet becuz its going to be a suprise.

Meanwhile in redwall there was an hedghog with a turban and he wwas very cowardly and he said "my name is Proffesor Quills" because it was. secretly, he was posessed by the spirit of Cluny the Scurge. on the back of his neck there were two slitted eyes and slitted nostrils and. Matthias came running in and he said "you are the servent of Cluny's spirit? I thought it was Proffesor Snoope! I thought I herd him bullying you." Proffesor Quills said "my master punishes me when i fail him." Then Proffesor Qyills lunjed at Matthias but when he touched Matthias his fur boiled and turned red because Mathhias's sister died trying to save him from Cluny. In the tv seires. So Proffesor Quills died. "I hate fished" Gartar said. His horde shouted in agreeement.

Meanwhile, in Salamansastron, Superstripe the Unrealistic was polishing his star cruser. Of course, with his unrealistic abilities he was able to clean it by looking at it but he polished it without using his powers to disciline himself. then a hare ran in and said "Superstripe, Superstripe,, Kingspoon joined up with Gartar and now they'll take over redwall!" Superstripe looked quizicly at the hare, whos name was Buckfoot. "How did you know this? i thought Gartar destroied our servalince cameras!" He did" said Buckfoot "but I put a new one there while he was sleeping. What what." Superstripe scrached his head with his enormos hands. "Hmm... I better travel lightly. Ill pack only the basics: my elastic silk sling, studded leather glove, super sharp, two handed, double bladed sword, hatchet, throwing axes, axe of brocktree, war mallet, blow gun ,axe of badgers, leviathan death blade, badger warhammer, fire pebbles, and my serrated hatchet. Oh, also my shield of death, shoulder spikes, war helmet, badger plaitmail, my chain neck protector, flint, a smoke bomb and a flask Grumm's finest magic ale. And a turban... for disguise"

Then Gartar the mean the evil fox used his special super-duper intelligent plan to kill Kinspoon. Gartar put poison in a cup and gave the cup to Kinspoon as a gift and Kinspoon said "thanks" and drunk it and DIED. They buried him in the ground. Then Gartar said "taht's what you get when you join my horde." Then Gartar took the sercet (somewon emailed me on a message bored and said I speled that wrong i spelled it "secret" last chaoper, imagine that!) plans and threw them at the door of the abbey and the door turned into caught on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then Gartar said "TAKE REDWALL! TAKE REDWAL! TAKE REDWALL! TAKE REALDWALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!" then they took out the secret wepon of destrucshon. It was called the atom bomb. he through it at the abby but Shuu picked up a shoe (irony. cool. huh.) an d threw it at the bomb and it flew harmlessly away into the ocean. (maybe in another fanfic the seelife will mutate from the RADIATION! ill have to see...) Then Gartar said "foiled again" and ran away leaving the abbeybeasts to make a new door. When Gartar got back to his camp he saw......... HIS SISTER! bum bum bum But then she said Gartar said "Hey I killed you! You cant be alive! Cuz your dead." And she said "Hahahhha, your rong Gartar becuz it was I who killed YOU!" "We will see, my sister who is named Garrette!" he said. Now they must battle to the death to see who killed who

END OF PART II (isnt it cool how I use roman numberals?)

DISCLAIMER: Redwall, Slagar, and all related properties (C) Brian Jacques and the Redwall Abbey Company. All rights reserved.