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Welcome to the complete archive of Project S.L.A.G.A.R. - Some Laughs and Games About Redwall. For the most part, this website is a fansite for the Redwall book series by Brian Jacques, with a sort of special focus on Slagar, the villain from Mattimeo. It's also the final heir to an internet legacy of humor, games, and other fun-filled features that lasted over five years and spanned several sites. It's never been the most serious Redwall website out there, but it has always provided a multitude of ways to waste time while thoroughly enjoying oneself in a distinctly Redwallian fashion.

The site closed in 2006 and was taken offline due to hosting issues in 2007, at which point some gracious fellows over at Terrouge who remembered the site began discussing the possibility of hosting it. Not only was I thrilled that my work hadnít been completely forgotten, I realized PSLAGs had been given the chance to rise from the ashes one last time. I've seized the opportunity to complete The Adventures of Superstripe the Unrealistic with 2 new chapters (well, sort of - you'll see), add new "DVD" commentary for Superstripe and Slagar the Cruel: Coast to Coast, and a number of other minor fixes and restorations. For the first time, Project S.L.A.G.A.R. is truly complete and available for viewing.

So what are you waiting for? Click one of those links to the left and begin your journey. And don't be afraid to thank the folks at Terrouge for making all of this possible!

P.S. If you're wondering what I've been up to since I gave up PSLAGAR and my other website got pulled offline, well... I'm still making games and writing, but I don't base my works on pre-existing ones anymore and I don't generally put them anywhere on the internet. Maybe at some point... I don't know. I'll put something here eventually.

Old News (2004-2006)

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