Here are various links to different Redwall sites and other resources.  More specific links can be found in the Beastiary and Armory.  Snowspine only put sites that she found useful or interesting or exceptionally well-designed here, and I have kept them all, though the RPGs are no longer running (except for the Mossflower Patrol, which may be back up in the near future). If you know of a fantastic and helpful Redwall resource, please send the link!  Sites with an asterisk beside them are winners of the Redwall Compendium Award of Excellence.


The Official Website of Brian Jacques: The official Redwall website. This site contains plenty of information on Brian Jacques. has plenty of information, but its most remarkable pages are the recipies page and the links page.

The Golden Leaf Inn: Better known as, this site has plenty of general information about Redwall and a wonderful links page with ratings.  The webmaster, Retto, designed the main page of the Compendium.

Starfire's Redwall Abbey: This is an excellent Redwall info site. The original is now offline, but has been archived here.

Egburt the Scholar's Molespeech Dictionary: An excellent site for those who have a hard time understanding or writing molespeech.  It's very well done and a massive undertaking.

Snowfur's Redwall Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia is a massive index of all the characters in the Redwall series- even those hordebeasts who get their names mentioned only once and then get killed right away.

The Long Patrol: The Long Patrol has a lot of general info about the series, as well as plenty of Redwall news.

The Redwall Wiki : The Redwall Wiki is an exhaustive resource for information about the series and characters.


*Fort Ruddler: Fort Ruddler was a well-made Redwall club.  Its Character Tutorial is especially useful for roleplayers.

*Pawflash's Redwall Abbey: A Redwall club with many useful resources and interesting extras.

*Silverpeak Island (formerly at A must-see, when it was active.  Silverpeak housed the Redwall Awards, and the RPG was excellent too, with lots of members, original activities, an unusual tropical setting, and a great design.

Mossflower Patrol: An online Redwall game, rather than your typical club or even RPG.  Original and very well-designed. 

The Lyresong Empire: Hey, I might as well list a vermin club in here too... This one's got a great format, nice graphics, and all the usual amenities of your typical Redwall club. It's currently on hiatus, though...


*The Forbind Crossroads: A very well done link site.

Terrouge Magazine: Terrouge is an excellent monthly Redwall online 'zine, with plenty of information and many well-written articles.  My only complaint is that they don't have an archive of back issues.

The Redwall Listings: A huge list of Redwall links.

The Redwall Links: A sizeable list of Redwall links.

Redwall Digest: A very well-designed and quite well-written Redwall e-zine.  No longer being written, sadly, and the archives have even been lost, but the last issue is still up.

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