Welcome, everyone! I am Alymer Flashpaw, and you have just surfed to the future site of FORT PROJECTIA!!!

Some of you who are "behind on the game" might be wondering what happened to Project S.L.A.G.A.R., the site that used to be here at this web address. Don't worry, you're still at the right place! But as "Slagar", the person who used to run this website, announced on his message boards earlier this week, he is taking another indefinate hiatus from running this website. By a stroke of luck, I had been in talks with "Slagar" just weeks prior to this decision about coordinating some kind of joint website-making effort, and after some persuasion he decided to just let me fill in while he's away. As of today (4/1/05) I am the OFFICIAL new steward of this place.

Why the name change, you ask? Well I was just getting to that part! You see, I am something of a guru when it comes to the ROC (that is Redwall Online Community to all newbies in the audience). When the ROC first started about 4 or 5 years ago, I was already a huge part of it, and I have been following it very closely throughout its long history. And no offense to this site, but in terms of ROC greatness it has never even been a competitor! That is why I have decided to take this website into a new dimension, and to make it into a truly great spectacle of ROC greatness. Here are some ideas I have for the near future of this webiste :

  1. Turn it into a club - Any website that is ANY website on the ROC is a club! I plan to make this club called "FORT PROJECTIA" which is also the site name, because naming websites "Forts" is a very original way of denoting military strength
  2. Clearing out the archives - TO preserve the image of proffessionalness so essential in an ROC club website, I will be getting rid of some of the older more disgraceful features of this website. Like that fanfiction "The Quest for The Blade of Power" that was clearly written before "Slagar" knew how to spell!! I mean really, what was up with that!
  3. Changing message boards - There is nothing more in line with this website's past than changing the message boards it uses! But this time I am taking it a little further, and doing a way with message forums altogether! Discussion will be held in a series of constantly monitored chatrooms in AIM, or MSNIM, or maybe MICQ if I can figure that out.
  4. "Ask Alymer" - this will take the place of "Ask Slagar", but I will focus more on useful club-related questions. And I will try to be a little less harsh towards the people who write to me in this colum than the last person who ran this website!
  5. Converting features into activities - because this website is now an ROC club website, it will need activities! I plan to turn "The Adventures of Superstripe" into a Missions style activity and "Slagar the Cruel Coast to Coast" into a Pass-Along-Story. You will get "points" for doing well in activities, which can raise your rank or something, I am still deliberating. They will probably be represented by something off the wall like Candied Chestnuts or Medals, or something else that you would never expect to represent points in an ROC club.
  6. Noone will like the Redwall books - Well, everyone else is doing it! :P
  7. Vermin Invaders games updated! - I have some changes I want to mae to the Vermin Invaders games so they will be in line with the rest of the club. I do not know how to edit them, though, so I will be reprogramming them from scratch in something like RPG Maker 2000 or the Starcraft Campaign Editor.

All of this and MORE will be implemented in the immediate future so that Project Slagar can be a respectable member of ROC society as soon as possible! KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR MORE DETAILS!!!