Welcome to the Redwall Troupe!

The Redwall world is filled with creatures of various cultures and backgrounds, but they all have a few things in common.  They aren't human, and they live in a mostly medieval culture.  The Redwallers wear different clothes from those we wear in modern times.  They tell different tales, play different music on different instruments... some of which are unfamiliar to many.

The Redwall Troupe contains information on clothing, music, instruments, stories, entertainers, and written records.  In short, it is a resource of various aspects of Redwall and medieval culture.  I hope it will increase your appreciation and understanding of Brian Jacques' wonderful Tales of Redwall, as well as the quality of your own writing in the Redwall world.


If you know of inaccurate information in this site, please tell me.  If you know of something that you think should be listed but isn't, please email me with the item's name, description, how it's used, and the species that normally uses it. --Shurrndia