bullet Clothing: This section is on the various Redwall and medieval garments, including everything from hats and jewelry to tunics and boots.
bullet Music: The music section tells about Redwall and medieval music and styles.  It includes information on songs, as well as samples of songs; classical music; Celtic music; and so on and so forth.
bullet Instruments: Information on the various instruments played in Redwall and the Middle Ages.  Very few brass instruments are covered in this section.
bullet Tales: Legends and stories from Redwall and medieval times and how they were told; includes information on ballads as well as stories not written in verse.  Also includes riddles.
bullet Entertainers: Actors, jesters, traveling entertainers, bards, etc in Redwall and the Middle Ages. 
bullet Recording: How records were kept in the medieval times and in Redwall; includes paper-making, quills, and illuminating.