Welcome to the Redwall Shipyards!

Many Redwall fans know that Brian Jacques was a merchant seaman and a longshoreman, among various other things, before he became a writer.  His seafaring experience shows in the many times characters in the Redwall novels take to the water in shrew logboats, ships, sailboats, and other watercraft.  It shows, too, in his sea-going corsairs and wavescum characters.

Yet few people on the ROC (Redwall Online Community) are experienced in the nautical side of things.  Although ships play a big part in many clubs, few people know much about them.  The Redwall Shipyards is designed to inform ROCers of various nautical terms, watercraft, docks and ports, and so forth.


If you know of inaccurate information in this site, please tell me.  If you know of something that you think should be listed but isn't, please email me with the item's name, description, and preferably a site with further information if possible. --Shurrndia