Ship Anatomy

Diagram of the Hispaniola Schooner

  1. Flying Jib: the outermost of two or more jibs
  2. Jib: a foresail, a triangle shaped sail forward of the mast
  3. Fore Staysail: the triangular foresail next forward of the mast
  4. Fore Topsail: the foreward topsail
  5. Foresail: the sail bent to the foreyard of a square-rigged vessel, being the lowest sail on the foremast.
  6. Main Topsail: the aftward topsail
  7. Mainsail: the principal sail in a ship or other vessel
  8. Bowsprit: a spar extending forward from the bow
  9. Fore Topmast
  10. Foremast: the forward mast of a boat with more that one mast
  11. Yard: a spar fastened to a mast perpendicular to the centerline of a vessel and from which square sails are set. The ends of a yard are called yardarms.
  12. Fore Boom: the forward horizontal spar which the foot of a sail is attached to
  13. Mainmast: principal mast in a ship or other vessel
  14. Main Topmast
  15. Gaff: a spar in a gaff rig, which is a fore-and-aft rig in which the primary sails abaft the mast are trapezoidal in shape: the bottom of the sail is attached to the boom, the luff (or forward edge) to the mast, and the head to the gaff.
  16. Shrouds: support wires for the mast
  17. Main Boom: the main horizontal spar which the foot of a sail is attached to
  18. Stem: curved piece of timber to which the two sides of a ship are united at the fore end. The lower end of it is scarfed to the keel, and the bowsprit rests upon its upper end. Hence, the forward part of a vessel; the bow.
  19. Mast Step
  20. Keel: a fin down the centerline of the bottom of the hull
  21. Forecastle Deck: part of the upper deck of a vessel forward of the foremast, or of the after part of the fore channels
  22. Forecastle (Crew's Quarters): the forward part of the vessel, under the deck, where the sailors live
  23. Main Deck
  24. Bulwarks: sides of a ship above the upper deck
  25. Hold: the whole interior portion of a vessel below the lower deck, in which the cargo is stowed
  26. Hatch: the opening and/or cover for the opening in the deck
  27. Captain's Cabin: the cabin where the captain stays
  28. Quarter Deck: part of the upper deck abaft the mainmast, including the poop deck when there is one
  29. Tiller: controls the rudder and is used for steering
  30. Rudder: a fin under the stern of the boat used in steering
  31. Bulkhead: partition in a vessel, to separate apartments on the same deck