Welcome to the Redwall Blueprints!

There are many important and fascinating buildings in the Redwall series.  The series itself is named after one of these: Redwall Abbey.  Aside from the famous sandstone abbey, there are also castles such as Southsward, fortresses such as Marshank, and even odd structures that don't fall into any particular category, like Ruddaring and Salamandastron.

The Redwall Blueprints contains information on medieval castles, abbeys, forts, villages, and other such structures, as well as their counterparts in the Redwall world.  I hope it will increase your appreciation and understanding of Brian Jacques' wonderful Tales of Redwall, as well as the quality of your own writing in the Redwall world.


If you know of inaccurate information in this site, please tell me.  If you know of something that you think should be listed but isn't, please email me with the item's name, description, how it's used, and the species that normally uses it. --Shurrndia