Welcome to the Redwall Beastiary!

Many people, when they read Brian Jacques' Tales of Redwall, don't know much about the species that populate the woodlands, mountains, islands, and other areas of Jacques' world.  Most readers know what the creatures look like, but few know anything about the more unusual species beyond appearance.  Yes, hedgehogs are small mammals with spikes, but what do they eat, in reality?  How long do they live?  How big do they get?  Not many Redwall fans are able to  answer that.

The Beastiary is designed to give Redwall readers a more concrete idea of what the Redwall species are like.  Each species' page has info on the animal in the world as we know it, as well as information on the creature as it is in the Redwall world.  Also included are species that aren't used in the Redwall books, but that some people roleplay online or use in fanfics.

Enjoy the Beastiary, and I hope you find it useful.


If you find any inaccuracies in the site, or if there are species in the Redwall series not included in this site, or if you'd like to see a species listed in the Other section that isn't already, then please email me. --Shurrndia