Welcome to the Redwall Armory!

The series entitled Tales of Redwall, by Brian Jacques, is essentially set in the middle ages- only with animals, rather than people, populating the world.  Many creatures carry various weapons - cudgels, javelins, halberds, pikes, and the like.  But what in the world are they?  Swords are easy- those are long blades with a hilt attached.  Everyone knows what bows and arrows are, as well.  However, the weapons that are less well-known are a puzzle...

And that's what the Redwall Armory is for.  It has information on as many medieval weapons as I could find, from all over the world.  Each page has information on the weapon in Redwall and the weapon in our world.  Also included in the Armory is information on heraldry, armor, and weapons found nowhere else but the ROC (Redwall Online Community) and the Tales of Redwall.


If you know of a weapon not listed on this site, please tell me.  If you have an original weapon not listed here, please email me with the weapon's name, description, how it's used, and the species that normally uses it. --Shurrndia