Welcome to the Redwall Compendium

Extract from the writings of Snowspine, first webmistress of the Redwall Compendium:

  It had to happen sometime, I suppose.  First I made the Redwall Beastiary because I thought it might be a good idea to put information on every Redwall species on a site. Then I thought up the Redwall Armory- it seemed like a good idea at the time. And as much as I try to stop them, the ideas keep coming - and they won't stop nagging at the corner of my mind until I act on them. So I created the Redwall Compendium to index all these Redwall resources.

The Compendium is now in new hands. Hello, I'm Shurrndia and I've taken over for Snowspine. The Redwall Beastiary is nearly complete, one final update should fix it. Also finished is the Redwall Armory, the Redwall Troupe, the Redwall Blueprints, and the Redwall Shipyards.  The ROC University is currently down and work on the Redwall Infirmary (information on Redwall and medieval medicines, herbology, wilderness survival, and other related topics) is on hold.

Shurrndia, 26 December 2006


If all goes well, I'll have the Compendium online today. I've updated the links and a fair bit of the Awards page. I've got to finish that, update with some new information, check through all the rest of the resources, replace the "Contact" form, and then, I think, I'll be ready to start work on the Infirmary or ROC U section.